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Good CSGO Betting Sites

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has become a classic esports game to make bets. The fans, amateurs, and skillful players enjoy not only playing it but also watching big tournaments and making bets. As a rule, experienced bettors use good CSGO betting sites with many types of bets and reliable deposit and withdrawal options. If you’d like to enter big esports gambling, read this article to know where to start.

CSGO. A Perfect Game for Betting

Just like ordinary sports, esports games also have many fans all over the world, tournaments, and betting. CSGO is great to make bets because it has simple rules and short matches. Bettors gather on best CSGO betting websites, watch broadcasting, and support their favorite teams.

Gamblers play with money or skins. Skins are special game items, which doesn’t change games’ outcome (e.g. paint or boots). These items are used to gamble on CSGO betting sites, and it is also possible to buy them. If you are not going to apply skins when playing CSGO, you can sell your winnings. As a rule, big gambling involves money and the outcome prediction principle.

The most popular types of CSGO betting:

  • winner team;
  • the tournament outcome;
  • the exact score;
  • handicap betting;
  • the last battlefield.

What CSGO Sites to Choose

Counter-Strike is so popular that almost every esports site with a wide range of games has it in the list of the gambling options. That’s why you are able to choose a platform that will fit your requirements as well as possible. Newcomers are prone to choose CSGO low betting sites. Such websites have a low commission, and they allow bettors to gamble with skins instead of making real csgo bets. It is a good choice if you seek entertainment and free tokens; however, such platforms don’t broadcast live tournaments, and there is no opportunity to make very big bets.

Huge platforms usually support several esports or even traditional sports games. They attract a lot of bettors because of bonuses, transparency, and a good win opportunity. When you are going to get in serious csgo gambling sites, pay attention to what is the audience of the website; it has to contain many active bettors. Also, check the reviews. Don’t neglect usability because it will determine how you’ll enjoy using the site.

Make sure the site is usable from your smartphone. When seeking cheap CSGO betting sites, check the bonuses. You can find good platforms with generous bonuses that will serve as a nice point to start your bettor’s expertise. Don’t forget, clear and reliable ways to deposit and withdraw money is one of the most important factors when choosing a website for bets.

CSGO Betting Sites 


Unikrn is a big esports platform. It allows the bettors to choose many games and types of bets. Unikrn has many bonuses, which are constantly being changed. The site has live broadcasting and allows gamblers to make live bets on players. Besides, it is possible to choose a play mode with the system and make a bet on yourself.


One of the biggest legit CSGO betting sites that also accept bets on traditional sports. You can find there an informative blog, which can give you an idea of what teams deserve your bets. GG.BET is a reliable website, so if you need an honest platform to start esports gambling, consider it.

CSGO Empire

This platform has been created only for avid fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It gives an opportunity to gamble with skins and interact with a big community of CSGO adherents from different corners of the world. The website supports eighteen languages, which is a decent amount for narrow-focused CSGO betting sites.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a popular esports game, which is listed on CSGO betting sites with a wide range of games. Big websites broadcast tournaments and allow gamblers to make live bets. You also can find low CSGO betting sites that focus only on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Such platforms accept skins for gambling.

However, if you are interested in big bets and winnings, watching broadcasting, and active audience, choose legit platforms with a lot of users. If the platform has an active audience and good reviews, you can choose it to start gambling. Make sure the CSGO betting sites you choose are user-friendly and have a reliable way to deposit and withdraw money.